Pocantico Hills Meal Program FAQ

How much are meals?

Lunch is $3.00, which includes, protein, grain, vegetable, fruit and milk (low fat plain or fat free chocolate). Breakfast is $1.50, which includes cereal, fruit and low fat plain milk. If your family qualifies for reduced meals, each meal is $0.25.

How should I send money for my child’s meal account? Do I have to send separate checks for each child?

To add money to your student’s account please send a check or cash in an envelope labeled with their first and last name and grade to school. Many teachers collect the lunch money at the beginning of the day and send it to the cafeteria with the lunch order. Or your child can bring it to the cafeteria when they have lunch. You do not have to send separate checks for each student in your family. Please include instructions on how you would like the money distributed between accounts, if needed.

Can my child get seconds? If so, how much is a second serving?

Yes. First, your child must check with the cashier to make sure they have enough money in their account. If they do, they are allowed a second helping. Usually when this happens the student would like another helping of the entrée. The student is also offered another helping of vegetables and/ or fruit if they care to take it. A second serving costs $1.50.

Can my child purchase a la carte (part of the meal, i.e. a milk, a side of vegetables, a side of fruit, etc.)?

Yes. Students are always able to purchase milk or a side from the daily menu offerings. The cafeteria offers low fat plain milk and fat free chocolate milk daily for $0.50. A side of vegetables, fruit or grain is $0.50. The only exception to the above sides prices is a smoothie; smoothies cost $0.75.

What kind of snacks are served? How much are snacks?

The Pocantico Hills Cafeteria served a variety of packaged and frozen snacks. Currently we sell Pirates Booty, Veggie Straws, Cheddar Goldfish, Pretzels, Honey & Oat Granola Bars, Multigrain Sun Chips, Smartfood Popcorn, Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches, Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream Cups. All snacks are $1.00 except for the Honey & Oat Granola Bar which is $0.50.

What other lunch options does the cafeteria offer?

At the moment if the student does not like the daily menu item they are offered a whole wheat bagel with cream cheese or butter. However, as of November 1st, 2016, bagels will no longer be offered and the students will be offered a cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread or a Wowbutter and jelly sandwich. Wowbutter is made with Non-GMO soy beans and oil in a certified nut and seed free facility. The cheese sandwich and Wowbutter and jelly sandwich will provide our students with a more nutritious and satisfying meal alternative.

How do I know when my child’s lunch account is running low?

Currently, the best way to find out information about your student’s account information is to contact Kassie Arcate in the cafeteria at (914)631-2440 ext. 116 or karcate@pocanticohills.org. She will be happy to send you account transaction history, balance information or even assist you in putting restrictions or notes on your child’s account. Pocantico Hills is working on updating our payment methods and student account accessibility, and will be offering a Web-based software system for payment processing in the next few months. In the meantime, the school will notify you when the balance runs below the price of three lunches $9.00 or $0.75 (reduced lunches). There is always a verbal communication with your student when the balance runs below the price of five lunches, $15.00 or $1.25 (reduced lunches).

Will my child still be served lunch if their account has a negative balance?

Yes. Any child that comes for lunch, forgets their lunch or does not have a lunch will always be served. Our goal is to provide students with the fuel to learn and grow. That being said, if your negative balance goes beyond the price of three lunches, $9.00 or $0.75 (reduced lunches), the student will be served a cheese sandwich on whole wheat bread, vegetables, fruit and milk. This meal will be served until the negative balance is remedied.

Is my child allowed to purchase snack/ ice cream when their account has a negative balance?

No. Any student whose account has a negative balance will not be able to purchase snacks or ice cream until the balance has been paid.

Are there Vegetarian and Gluten Free Options available?

Yes. Starting on the November menu there will be a key to indicate which meal items are or an alternative option will be available that is Vegetarian (V) and/ or Gluten Free (GF). We want to state that the Pocantico Hills cafeteria is not a certified Gluten Free kitchen therefore there is always the possibility of cross contamination. Please feel free to contact Kassie Arcate in the cafeteria at (914)631-2440 ext. 116 or karcate@pocanticohills.org. She will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

Any further questions?

Please feel free to contact Kassie Arcate in the cafeteria at (914)631-2440 ext. 116. or karcate@pocanticohills.org.