Remote Learning Pocantico Hills

In order to ensure continuity of instruction for students during all school closures, the faculty and staff have developed resources and materials to ensure that learning is ongoing. We will also make every effort to remain connected with you during this time to answer questions and support student learning. Each teacher surveyed all students to determine digital accessibility in the home environment. All assignments and resources are intended to reinforce skills and continue to build content area leaning. Materials will also include activities and information for students from service providers. There are also recommended activities to promote health and wellness.

Virtual Learning Opportunities:
• Some teachers have set up virtual assignments in Google Classroom and will be using that platform to share learning materials and assignments with students in the core content areas.
• Digital resources will also include BrainPop, iReady, and Raz Kids, Nearpod, Readworks, Scholastic, Khan Academy, Video resources
• Additional digital resources will be shared as necessary, depending on our communication and additional school closures.
• All log-on information for digital resources, if applicable, was included in student packets or through email communication.
• School ensured accessibility to technology as needed – some parents signed out Chromebooks for students without access to a device at home.

Handouts and Hard Copies:
• Packets of assignments and materials have been sent home for students. For those who have not yet mastered digital learning or do not have digital access, hard copy materials will be provided

Literacy instruction and activities include:

  • Materials and texts for novel study with reading response tasks and questions in some classes were sent home or posted on Google Classroom.
  • Reading materials at individualized student reading levels and comprehension activities were sent home or posted on Google Classroom
    Scholastic magazines and activities
  • Phonics review and reinforcement at individualized student reading levels were provided by reading teacher. Original instructional videos will be created by teacher(s) and shared through emails to families
  • Writing prompts, activities and tasks will take the form of reading response, digital journals through Google Classroom, genre-specific projects, and other activities through online programs like ReadWorks and Scholastic.
  • Vocabulary activities will be ongoing through Google Classroom.

Mathematics instruction and activities include:
Math in Focus packets and workbooks with instructional information for review and practice activities
Students will access instructional resources and ongoing mathematics assessments through iReady

Students will receive a recommended daily schedule that will help to pace the learning throughout the day and to establish and maintain a routine that may mirror the school day.

Instructional Support:
Teachers and Service Providers will remain in communication via Outlook email, especially regarding individualized planning. All of the academic materials provided are individualized as needed and address the skills and content aligned with their learning goals and needs.

Service Provision:
• Counseling: Activities, readings, and video resources for students including survey tools regarding daily routines at home involving socialization and digital access
• Speech: Providers developed individualized materials for each student receiving services • OT: Keyboarding activities and other materials have been created to continue skill development
• Reading Support: Materials sent home in packets and videos will be shared as a vehicle for continued learning
• Counselors have provided mindfulness activities and Zones of Regulation tools