Rye Lake Middle High Remote Learning Plan

Rye Lake Middle School / High School

In order to ensure continuity of instruction for students during all school closures, the faculty and staff have developed resources and materials to ensure that learning is ongoing. We will also make every effort to remain connected with you during this time to answer questions and support student learning. All assignments and resources are intended to reinforce skills and continue to build content area leaning. Materials may also include NYS test preparation materials.

Virtual Learning Opportunities:

All teachers in middle and high school content areas classes have set up virtual assignments in Google Classroom and will be using that platform to share learning materials and assignments with students. Elective and special area classes including Forensics, Technology and Health Education will use this platform as well.

Digital resources will include those listed below and others as our virtual learning continues:

All log-on information for digital tools and resources was provided for students.

Students enrolled in the Gradpoint program may log on remotely and continue to work in this program as per their individual learning goals.

Handouts and Hard Copies:

Some pencil-paper assignments and packets of materials have been sent home with students, depending upon specific student needs and accessibility. Additional packets will be sent as needed while remote learning continues.

Instructional Support:

Teachers support can be provided via Google Apps. for Education (Docs. and Slides), Google Classroom and Outlook email.

Teachers will also be in regular communication with parents/guardians/students with regard to student progress and to provide any instructional support necessary.

Service Provision:

Clinical staff will be continuing to provide services and sessions for students remotely. They will also be providing social emotional activities and resources so students can continue this growth at home. Other service providers will be reaching out directly to families and students to ensure continuity of service that can be provided virtually.