MikeyMo returns with pumpkins for his Tappan Hill pals

Donation is a welcome one for Halloween fun

Justine Riordan pulled up to the entrance of Tappan Hill School in Tarrytown Thursday morning, Oct 26, with a backseat filled with pumpkins purchased at a generous discount from Gedney Farms Nursery in White Plains. 

Ms. Riordan's son, Michael Wisher, arrived separately because the 100 pumpkins took up so much space. Known by all his friends as MikeyMo, he graduated from the school two years ago. Soon they'd be distributed to students at the school, where Halloween festivities are ramping up ahead of the big day.

The pumpkins are a donation from MikeyMo Gives Back, a charitable effort on behalf of Heartsong of White Plains, which offers music, art and dance therapy and community program to people of all ages with special needs. Ms. Riordan said she put a simple request on Facebook, and she quickly received enough donations to purchase the pumpkins.

"I'm just a mother who sees that these kids don't always get these opportunities," Ms. Riordan said, crediting a friend, Kirsten Suarez, for helping organize this particular effort.

Principal Phyllis Rizzi said it was a thrill to see MikeyMo and his mom at Tappan Hill again. This is a well appreciated donation, she said, in particular because Halloween is a pretty big deal here in the shadow of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. In particular, Ms. Rizzi thanked Gedney Farms for its contribution.

"This means so much to our students, not to mention our staff," Ms. Rizzi said. "We've all been working hard, decorating bulletin boards and classroom doors and planning for next week's big Halloween parade here. The generosity shown by MikeyMo and Ms. Riordan is so touching to me as an educator. All I can say is thank you!"