Autism Spectrum Disorder Programs NYSAA K-12

These programs provide a highly structured site-based classroom environment designed primarily for students with autism spectrum disorders at the elementary, middle and high school levels for New York State Alternately Assessed students. Instructional methodology includes the applications of structured teaching and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) that have demonstrated effective outcomes in the school environment. Specialized clinical consultation is provided for both structured teaching and ABA classes. In addition to academic outcomes, the development of appropriate communication, social and behavioral skills are stressed.

CoSer 203.100

 Classroom Ratio 8:1:2

Included Related Services

* Speech/Language Services Individual (elementary only) 1x30 per week

*Speech/Language Services Group (middle school only) 1x30 per week

*Counseling services for Group & Transitional Services

*Consultant Occupational Therapy

*Consultant Speech and Language Services

*Consultant Psychiatric Services

*Parent Training


Direct OT, PT, nursing, speech, counseling (additional) or other related services as per student IEP are billed to districts in addition to tuition costs.

Career Training

Where appropriate, high school students who are alternately assessed (NYSAA) may attend half day career preparation programs, to meet the requirements for attaining the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SKILLS).

This program is offered through the Center for Career Services, at no additional charge to the district

Districts are responsible for providing transportation services for students to be able to attend programs located at the Career Services Center in Valhalla.  Southern Westchester BOCES can provide transportation services for a fee that would be billed separately to participating districts.

Location Supervisors

Phyllis Rizzi, Principal, Tappan Hill School  | 914-366-2575

Leslie Handler, Principal, Valhalla Center  | 914-761-3400

Julia Dolan, Principal, Rye Lake Lower Campus  | 914-948-7271

Leslie Handler, Principal, St. Matthews | 914-761-2863