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News from our schools

  • SEPTA Offers Workshop on Childhood Anxiety Disorders

    Fear and anxiety are a normal part of childhood development, but there are times when children get stuck and need to be evaluated for anxiety disorders and treated, psychiatrist Sheree Krigsman explained during a recent SWBOCES Special Education PTA event. “Childhood anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health problems in children and adolescents,” said Dr. Krigsman, who works with the Tappan Hill and Pocantico Hills programs.

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  • Center for Special Services Welcomes New Administrators

    Southern Westchester BOCES has welcomed four new educational leaders across Center for Special Services campuses this year.

    • Marvin Elliott is the new Rye Lake Middle/High School principal.  
    • Amanda Allison moved from assistant principal of Tappan Hill School program to principal of the St. Matthew’s School program.
    • Susana Boyko is interim principal of the Rye Lake Lower Campus.  
    • Francesca Fernandez is assistant principal of the Tappan Hill School program.
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  • Tappan Hill Student Excited to Vote in Presidential Election

    Friday, Oct. 9, was an exciting day for Tappan Hill School student Christopher Thompson because he independently filled out an application to become a registered voter.

    Chris, who is often discussing current events and politics, has been talking about registering to vote for a long time. During a recent counting/graph lesson about voting, Chris said he wanted to be counted “for real” and exercise his right to vote. His interest led to a social studies/civics lesson on current civil discourse, said Erroll Rivera, Chris’ teacher.

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  • Back to School Fun at Tappan Hill

    The students have returned to Tappan Hill, reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones. They are having fun exploring the new playground and enjoying the nice weather.

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  • Tappan Hill School goes virtual for Field Day

    Tappan Hill School educators didn't let a little thing like distance learning get in the way of their annual Field Day celebration. They just got a creative with it. Watch it here on YouTube. You may want to keep a tissue handy!
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  • Special Services remote learning document updated

    The Remote Learning General Information document, attached here, has been updated at

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  • Virtual Art Class "at" Valhalla Center

    See the photo linked here for a glimpse of what virtual art class looks like for students, teachers and aides in our Center for Special Services program from our Valhalla campus, where Leslie Handler is principal. So proud of our students and our instructional team!

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  • Pocantico Hills staff tell students: 'We miss you!'

    Staff at our Pocantico Hills program really miss seeing their students in person. So they put together this video compilation to let them know just how much.

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  • Teaching Together: Embracing Distance Learning

    During this very stressful time, parents are trying to keep their families safe, dealing with the anxiety of being apart from loved ones, and attempting to keep some sort of normalcy within their household. Under the current circumstances, many are now nurses to their very fragile children, in addition to being mom or dad, chefs and housekeepers. Now throw into the mix having to work from home and be a teacher, too.


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  • Advice to SWBOCES-region educators: 'Lead with your heart as well as your head'

    David Luhman, SWBOCES' Director of School Partnerships and Innovative Practices, reached out to Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson, one of the nation’s leading experts in the area of Differentiated Instruction, seeking advice for teachers during this time of distance learning. Click here to read '10 Tips for Honoring Students in the Virtual Environment'


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