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A Message from The Principal

Principal- Leslie HandlerMarch 27, 2020
Dear Parents,
While I recognize how busy you must be, I hope this finds you well. Please know that the Valhalla
faculty is thinking of you and your children during this challenging time.
The staff are all continuing to provide you and your children with academic and leisure materials
that can be completed at home. Our intention is to ensure that students remain engaged and that
all activities serve to reinforce skills and content that are aligned with students’ goals.
Please know that the staff and I are available to support you as we are just an email away. Do not
hesitate to reach out to us for assistance of any kind. Sometimes a phone call or email to your
child is just the reminder he/she needs to remember that we will be back together soon and
enjoying learning together. You may also have some technology questions you need answered or
a moment to vent, and we are here for you.
We are aware that many of you are juggling working from home or perhaps you are an essential
New York employee who has to continue your work in the community. Now you are also trying to
support your children as they engage in remote learning. We appreciate your sharing of learning
moments and images as we are “all in this together." Please let us know what we can do to
support you.
Please DO NOT feel that your child must complete everything that has been sent home in the
student packets or all of the work in google classroom, as we understand circumstances vary at
home. We are available to assist you in pacing the expectation.
Take care of yourselves during this difficult period. You and your family are in our thoughts, and
we can't wait to see your children again soon.

Leslie Handler


Recycling turns things into other things. Which is like MAGIC. 

Recycle today for a better tomorrow.


Recovery Facility

Help Wanted

Calling all Students in Room #302 

 Apply today!

The following positions are available at the Snack Shack:

  • Cashiers
  • Buyers/Sellers
  • Inventory and Book Keeping
  • Supervisor

Snack Shack

The Breakfast Club

The Townhouse Diner

When you wake up in the morning, Pooh, what's the first thing you say to yourself?" Asked Piglet.

"What's for breakfast?" said Pooh.

"What do you say, Piglet?" 

"I say, I wonder what's going to happen exciting today?" said Piglet.

Pooh nodded thoughtfully. "It's the same thing," he said.

                                                                                       ~A.A Milne

Stew Leonard's

Farm Fresh

"We need to encourage our kids to love to eat honest, nutritious, healthy food. Less fast food. Less junk food. And they need to see us eating healthy by example."

                                                                                                ~Karen Salmansohn

Hands on Learning

Remote PD: Essentials for Living Curriculum