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  • Students look forward to school and to scoring points to play ball

    Intramural sports prove to be a major motivator at Rye Lake MS/HS

    Rye Lake Middle-High School students are looking forward to school more than ever since the start of intramural basketball and volleyball over the winter. The innovative new program incentivizes positive student behaviors with the promise of competitive games - sometimes against faculty and staff. Principal Eric Ford could not be more please with how well the program has worked. This fall, he may even take things outside with intramural football.

    “This is based on students' choices and inputs,” Mr. Ford said. “We know that a lot of students struggle to maintain purpose in school. We know that sports is a way to pull them in, to connect them. Once we started intramural sports we had a decrease in incidents, especially from the students that typically display those challenges. It became something they look forward to.”

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  • SWBOCES opens Career Tech exploration to its own students

    Rye Lake students take part in Middle School Week at CTE campus

    Middle School Week, an open house opportunity for younger students to learn about SWBOCES Career and Technical Education programs, was also an opportunity for our own Special Services students see the CTE campus up close.

    Students from Rye Lake Campus Middle School joined peers from several component districts to see these programs firsthand. They got to take part in hands-on instructional activities like pizza-making in the Culinary Arts kitchens and working with the mannequins students use to style hair in Cosmetology.

    The program has grown from a handful of students attending to more than 200 this year. The idea is to get them thinking about the CTE path earlier so they have more time to consider whether it is the right fit for them. Typically, outreach is to high school students prior to their junior year.

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  • Rye Lake MS/HS kick off 100 days of Kindness on Valentine's Day

    Rye Lake Middle and High School students took part in a Valentine's Day kickoff for 100 days of Kindness thanks to the schools' Community Events Committee! There was a variety of activities to celebrate the community and opportunities for kindness and connection. Students selected the activities they wanted to participate in, with staff assistance. Activities included Valentines or Kindness card making, ice breaker/friendship maker bingo, kindness chain, mindfulness coloring, friendship bracelets/jewelry, and tile art for a building mosaic.

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  • Chili Cook-Off a healthy competition and a Rye Lake tradition

    Students and staff alike sampled piping hot and sometimes spicy concoctions from slow cookers and crockpots. Servers dished out cilantro and cheddar, fluffy rice and crispy tortilla chips. The annual Chili Cookoff at Rye Lake Middle-High School lured visitors with an aroma that filled the air. With the Super Bowl days away, this preview of gameday fare was as fierce a competition as the Chiefs and Niners could hope to cook up.

    From the spicy recipe of Mr. Crump, to the creaminess of Mr. Mule’s chili, to the elegant presentation of Ms. Rivera’s secret recipe, to Ms. Carpiniello’s rich and innovative take on classic chili, there were no two offerings alike. A sample of each left the judges unsure how to pin a blue ribbon on the winner. Any of these offerings would be welcome come Sunday’s kickoff. After a wave of students had their fill – a few running for their water bottles to wash down the hot pepper flavor – staff poured in for the lunchtime event. Everyone took their time. The portions were small enough not to be filling but big enough to give a proper tasting. 

    In the end, just like in football, only one could come out on top while the worthy competition could only hold their heads high for having played hard. It was Ms. Rivera that the judges decided was this year’s champion.

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