Intensive Day Treatment Programs (IDT)

Coser 401

SWBOCES IDT Elementary Program

Location: Tappan Hill School

Principal: Phyllis Rizzi

Assistant Principal: Francesca Fernandez

IDT Social Worker: Carlos Cruz

Phone: (914) 366-2560 · Fax: (914) 366-2568

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 The IDT Elementary Program provides a safe, supportive environment for students whose behavior and emotions are disrupting their academic participation and progress.


Students will learn to identify and express their feelings and recognize triggers. By practicing self-regulation strategies and understanding age-appropriate social skills — the students can get back on the path to learning.

IDT clinical and education teams provide intensive support to achieve short-term goals of reducing symptoms and regaining pre-crisis behavior patterns.

The program can serve students in grades K-6 for 30-90 days. The district is responsible for providing the classwork to the IDT instructional team. The completed work will be returned electronically to the district liaison.

SWBOCES IDT Middle School/High School Program in conjunction with Rockland Children’s Psychiatric Center

Location: Rye Lake Campus

Principal: Eric Ford

IDT Intake: Dr. Anne DuBuisson,

Phone: 914-328-0793

Additional Contact Email:

Referral Form for District Use


Students in grades 7-12 learn and use self-regulation strategies and age-appropriate social skills. These will enable the student to concentrate on learning and make the transition back to their home school district or to an appropriate educational setting as determined by their home district and parents/guardians.  Academic work is provided by the sending district.


Upon entering the IDT Program a collaborative plan and transition process is established by the IDT team in conjunction with the school district and parents/guardians.


A treatment plan is developed to incorporate effective strategies to address problem behaviors.

These may include:

  • behavioral contracts
  • positive reward systems
  • token economies
  • mindfulness practice

• social skills training