Multiply Disabled (MD)

A comprehensive educational team in a highly structured environment addresses the communication, sensory motor needs and social skills of students with significant to severe multiple disabilities. This program is designed to meet the needs of students who are determined by their CSE to be alternately assessed (NYSAA).

 CoSer 201.100

Student Teacher Ratio 12:1:4


Included Related Services

* Social Worker Transitional Services

* Consultant Pediatrician

* Consultant Occupational and Physical Therapists

* Consultant Teacher of Speech

* Consultant School Nurse


Direct OT, PT, nursing, speech, counseling (additional) or other related services as per student IEP are billed to districts in addition to tuition costs.

Multiply Disabled Locations

Location Supervisor and Contact Information

Phyllis Rizzi, Principal, Tappan Hill School:  (914) 366-2575

Fran Fernandez, Assistant Principal, Tappan Hill School:  (914) 366-2575