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  • Tappan Hill students run circles around Achilles challenge

    Deputy Superintendent Brendan Lyons was on hand to witness the completion of the Achilles virtual marathon at Tappan Hill School. The event is a nationwide program of Achilles International in which students log their step, strides and minutes of physical activity all school year and come together to cross the finish line together.
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  • Tappan Hill students make and enjoy their own personal pizzas

    Mangia! Mangia! Mrs. Christiansen's students at Tappan Hill School learned all about how to make individual pizzas, from following a recipe to hands-on pizza-making techniques and, most popular, eating the delicious finished product. Yum!

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  • Tappan Hill students take a mini golf field trip

    Tappan Hill School teacher Linda Liebman's class took a trip to play miniature golf at Saxon Woods Park May 11. The class has been practicing in the school gymnasium with Coach Diane to help get ready for this field trip.  Practice makes perfect, as they say, and the students all had a great time on the course! They had fun on the playground as well and enjoyed a picnic lunch and riding the bus with their classmates. 
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