Remote Learning Tappan Hill

All assignments and resources are intended to reinforce skills and continue to build content area leaning. Materials will also include activities and information for students from service providers have sent a list of activities for daily living in which students can participate from home. These activities will reinforce skills that have been opportunities for learning in the school setting. There are also recommended activities to promote health and wellness.
For Early Learners in AIM and MD

Teachers worked together to create an individualized list of ADL programs for each student. Teachers compiled a list of ADL activities parents could do at home. In addition, teachers sent home behavioral protocols on waiting, told no, interruption, etc. to parents. Schedules for the day were also included.
For more academic classes AllM and CAD:

Teachers worked together and sent home packets of learning resources which included extensive worksheets and information on mathematics and ELA. Mathematics learning materials included lessons focused on money (ie. coins, simple sorting, and counting) and varied activities to reinforce this activity. Reading comprehension activities and materials including stories with worksheets with directions for parents to read and assist students in thinking through and responding to simple questions. Handwriting activities and simple exercises suggested by OT provider who works in the classroom. Social studies and science worksheets will also be provided.

Early learners in MD:
All families received Essentials for Living (EFL) and functional Activities of Daily Living (ADL) activities including washing hands, brushing teeth, bathroom and toileting schedules. Coloring sheets and simple books are included. A few teachers sent home crayons and other necessary materials.
Related Service Provision:
Speech therapists and teachers worked together and created a list of activities for students that addressed a variety of goals.
These materials sent home via the teachers' packets.
Physical Education teachers provided Yoga and stretching instructions, and other activities for all students/parents. These included easy to follow directions for simple games and ball exercises that students have practiced in their physical education classes. Service providers will be working directly with the classroom teachers to provide additional resources and
activities to ensure maintenance of skills and continued growth.
Counselors have provided mindfulness activities and Zones of Regulation tools so families can work with their children to reinforce positive social and emotional engagement.
Social stories, speech materials and specific occupational therapy materials will also be shared that are student-specific and based on IEP goals and objectives. Step by step task analysis for student specific objectives may also be included.
Virtual Learninq Opportunities:
Digital resources will include list of recommended apps.compiled by teachers and related service providers that the students enjoy and can benefit from including but not limited to: News2You BrainPop, Starfall, Scholastic Book, and Time for Kids.

All log-on information, if applicable, was included in student packets.

Instructional Support:
All teachers prepared packets which have been sent through the U.S. Postal Service with individual materials for all students as per IEP goals. Teachers will be will remain in communication via Outlook email, especially regarding individualized planning. All of the academic materials in each packet are student specific and address the skills and content that they are currently learning.