Rye Lake High School graduates’ lauded for determination, will be missed

Eight students awarded for traits that will serve them in the future

principal, assistant principal and graduateThe achievements and growth of the members of the Rye Lake Campus High School Class of 2024 have been nothing short of remarkable, their principal told them before an audience of family members and educators.

This is the end of one chapter, Principal Eric Ford said, and the beginning of another.

“Over the past year you have shown resilience and commitment to your education,” Mr. Ford said. “The world is filled with possibilities, and it is up to you to carve out your path.”

“We are truly going to miss you,” he added.

Guidance Counselor Cristina Tompkins cited the students’ determination, which has served them well and will continue to do so in the future.

gradaute and family members“(Determination) propels us forward through the darkest of times,” she said, noting that success is more than a destination but a journey. She encouraged her students not to lose sight of their goals.

“It is the determination to pursue those goals that separates the dreamers from the achievers,” she said.

Assistant Principal Maureen Salka announced a series of awards bestowed upon students that, she said, reflect the individuality of each one of them.

The 2024 graduating class of Rye Lake Campus High School and the awards received:

Devin Adamson - Outstanding Attendance Award
Tahleeyah James - Creativity Award
Zania James - Loyalty Award
Jasmine Juarez - Bob Newman Scholarship Award
Ashton Ortiz-Pottinger - Perseverance Award
Xavier Pacheco - Musicality Award
Nerica Renoj Diaz - Academic Growth and Leadership Award through the Office of the State Comptroller
Leonardo Rivera Torres - Worldly Award

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