Rye Lake Lower Campus Celebrates 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony

Eight graduates proudly stand tall as middle school awaits

students and a graduation balloonThe Rye Lake Lower Campus held its 5th Grade Moving Up Ceremony on June 21 for students in the TSP-I program. The event, filled with music, heartfelt speeches, and proud moments, celebrated the accomplishments of eight young graduates as they prepare to move on to middle school.

The 5th grade graduates—Aaron Davila, Alonso Ricardo, Benjamin King, Ervin Echeverria Quintanilla, Esther Garcia, Junior Alexander Lajara, Mason Lopez, and Romel Coronel Olvera—stood tall as they proudly processed into the Decagon, the main building on the Rye Lake Lower Campus. They were greeted with applause by family, friends, and teachers.

Principal Julia Dolan welcomed everyone with her opening remarks, emphasizing the importance of this transitional moment.

"To our students and your families, you have worked hard, and you've reached a huge milestone. We are so excited for the next chapter of your life and the wonderful things ahead in sixth grade,” she said.

parent and child take selfieAdding a touch of melody to the event, music teacher Andrew Ruoti and the graduates performed a moving rendition of "Sky Full of Stars." 

The ceremony continued with the presentation of certificates by teachers Heather Salinger and Danielle Schwartz. Each graduate was called to the stage to receive their certificate amid cheers and applause. Both teachers shared fond memories and words of encouragement, including a list of tips for the students as they will soon navigate the challenges of middle school.

“Build relationships with your friends and teachers,” advised Ms. Salinger. "All of you have electric personalities that everyone enjoys

"The most important tip of all is to always remember to be yourself. Change is intimidating, but we are confident that you will move on and be successful in middle school,” Ms. Schwartz told the graduates.

After each graduate received their certificate, proud families gathered around, capturing photos and celebrating the achievements of their soon-to-be middle schoolers.