Rye Lake Lower Campus Celebrates the Achievements of Four AIIM Graduates

'Each of you have helped each of us grow,' principal says

graduates in black garb

The Rye Lake Lower Campus AlIM Graduation ceremony was a heartfelt celebration of the accomplishments and growth of four remarkable students. Held on June 21, the event was attended by proud parents, supportive families, administration, and staff who gathered to honor the graduates' hard work and perseverance.

Andrew Gonzalez, Christopher Akamiokhor, Dellia Seales, and Nubia Bonsu graduated from the AIIM program, which provides a structured classroom environment for students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

“Each of you have helped each of us grow and have left us with irreplaceable memories. Today is about you… continue to be bright. Be brave. Be bold. Be beautiful. Be brilliant. Be you!” Principal Julia Dolan remarked.

 graduate flanked by educators Teacher Tiffany Kittrell shared personal comments about each student before presenting them with their graduation certificate.  

"Nubia, the track star of Rye Lake Campus, always sprinting from the bus to the classroom every day, eager and ready to learn," Ms. Kittrell said. “Chris, I will miss your humble personality, joyful spirit, and resolve… and we can’t forget your karaoke skills."

She praised Dellia for her “organization skills, communicating needs and wants and collaborating with peers during group activities.”

 Addressing Andrew, she remarked, "Another music lover who has not only excelled in his manners and athletic capabilities but also brought an infectious smile and grace to our classroom every day."

She also took the opportunity to acknowledge her colleagues' dedication and teamwork.

graduated joined by family and teachers outside

"Your compassion, dedication, kindness, and love for our students never go unnoticed, and I am truly grateful for your support," said Ms. Kittrell.

The highlight of the ceremony was an exciting performance by Christopher, who brought the audience to their feet with his rendition of the classic celebratory anthem "Celebration." His powerful voice and spirited performance encapsulated the joyous atmosphere of the event, leaving everyone with smiles and lasting memories.

The commencement concluded with Ms. Dolan congratulating the students on reaching this significant milestone.

"Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to take it all in. Life is all about change. Reaching new stages or opening new doors can be very exciting but also a little scary. As you embark on this new and exciting journey, know all our love and support will always be with you," she said.

The graduation ceremony at Rye Lake Lower Campus was a celebration of the journey the four students have undertaken and the promising futures that lie ahead.