Tappan Hill School plants seeds of knowledge through Earth Day celebrations

teacher and student water plants

The classrooms at Tappan Hill School were abuzz with excitement as students celebrated Earth Day by participating in various activities that emphasized the importance of taking care of the environment.

School was not in session on April 22, when Earth Day is celebrated, but the Tappan Hill team more than made up for that in the days that followed.

For example, in Mrs. Christiansen's class, students  became Earth Day Detectives, doing the Earth Day Dance, making T-shirts and glittery globes and making yummy globe cookies. 

In another classroom, students watered and nurtured seedlings they planted earlier in the week, while in another, students decorated paper dragonflies with glitter and pom-poms to adorn a bulletin board in the hallway. Meanwhile, other students learned about picking up trash and disposing of it properly in appropriate receptacles.

teacher and student dressed for earth day

Overall, it was a heartwarming day as students, teachers, and staff wore clothing and accessories that reflected their commitment to caring for the planet.

“Each classroom took a creative approach to applying these lessons in the best possible ways for their particular students,” Principal Phyllis Rizzi said. “The enthusiasm around Earth Day is impressive throughout the Tappan Hill community, so I know these lessons were well received and will lead to positive practices by all in the future.”