Tappan Hill School Wellness Day offers a fun break from the routine

Luau dance party, sing along and read aloud top a full slate of activities

student in wig taking cell phone picWellness was the goal, and a luau dance party was a key part of the plan at Tappan Hill School, where a full slate of fun activities marked a break from the usual educational routine.

Students arrived at school to Yoga in the gymnasium led by Diane Storm, Phyllis Marto, Julie Zimmerman and Maureen Carroll. All students were invited to participate, and a Zoom link was provided to allow for remote participation. That was followed by a creative, artistic activity involving Play-Doh in the classrooms.

Then, the excitement level was raised a few notches.

The Indoor Luau hosted in the gymnasium was a combination dance party and arts-and-crafts event. Smiles outnumbered even the many Hawaiian leis around the necks of students and staff. Painting, sand art, limbo sticks and even a selfie stand replete with funny props rounded out the event along with dancing to a DJ soundtrack.

teacher and student dance

“Our staff really thought about creating opportunities for having fun and making memories,” Assistant Principal Francesca Fernandez said. “That’s what this event is really all about.”

The Wellness Day schedule was planned by the Tappan Hill Wellness Committee, a team that is led by Physical Education Teacher Diane Storm.

“We hope the day’s activities are a way from the students to take a break from the everyday routine and have a little fun, and some mindfulness,” Ms. Storm said.

group shot of teachersIn addition to Ms. Marto, Ms. Zimmerman, Ms. Carroll and Ms. Storm, members of the Tappan Hill Wellness Committee include Maria Paternoster, Mairead Schuelein, Kati Dixon, Jennifer Gorenfeld, Maria Paternoster, Marie Conmy, Consani, Rosalie, Michelle Paul, Torsiello, Diane; AnnMarie Ross and Claribel Cruz-Cocco.

Following the luau, the day continued with an outdoor snack break arranged by Teacher AnnMarie Ross, a read aloud activity with Ms. Fernandez and Principal Phyllis Rizzi. a singalong with Music Teacher Donald Stevens and Bingo with Ms. Rizzi and Teacher Diane Torsiello.