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Welcome to the Center for Special Services!

Southern Westchester BOCES Center for Special Services programs support the needs of students with disabilities by offering specialized instruction tailored to the learning needs, individualized educational plans and life goals of each student. Our six school programs offer environments in which social emotional and academic learning are integrated so that students develop confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, and resiliency. We believe a growth mindset is the key to progress.

Our classrooms feature small staff-to-student ratios that provide for individualized support and attention. Staff and students develop positive learning communities where students can connect with peers and form friendships.

Our curriculum is aligned with New York State and Next Generation standards which aids in a smooth transition when students may be ready to return to their home districts.  Our instructional professionals implement a comprehensive program that accounts for unique student learning styles and needs. Programs are therapeutic in nature and build in positive behavior supports and reinforcement.

Our clinicians and related service providers include psychologists, social workers, school counselors, speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, teachers of reading and the deaf and visually impaired and crisis intervention specialists. Transition is a primary focus so school counselors and social workers support students and families in planning and readiness for returning to district or post-secondary experiences, including adult programming, vocational placements and college or career training. Our  work with families is paramount to our students’ success. We partner with them in navigating community supports and services.

The Center is comprised of six schools on five campuses. Each program serves a diverse group of students ages 5-21 and offers opportunities in the visual arts, music instruction, technology, and physical education. Students also participate in health and wellness learning, community trips, and activities that build social skills.


Continued Learning

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News from our schools

  • New Assistant Director’s arrival at the Center for Special Services marks a Westchester homecoming

    Dr. Alexandria Connally brings diverse experience and a passion for children to the role

    Dr. Alexandria Connally brings a coach’s ethos to her new role as Southern Westchester BOCES’ Assistant Director of Special Services. As an educator, Dr. Connally says, she’s pretty much a coach herself.

    “What my coaching style looks like is helping people get from point A to point B, giving them all the support they need and also holding them accountable,” she said during a conversation in her new office on the Rye Lake Campus, where she arrived just a week earlier. 

    News Feed - Center for Special Services
  • Special Services educators gather for professional development prior to start of school

    Southern Westchester BOCES students return to classes this week, but educators have been preparing for the upcoming school year collaborating in professional learning sessions. Here we see the staff at Tappan Hill School Sept. 1. 

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Southern Westchester BOCES is hiring Teacher Aides—Apply Today!

    Southern Westchester BOCES is seeking Teacher Aides for its summer programs. This is a great opportunity to work in education and make a difference for kids. Complete our easy application and get started today at https://forms.gle/8DxNdU8nLQhNhjwh8

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  • Harvest time at Tappan Hill

    Students in the Extended School Year summer program at Tappan Hill School had the time to harvest the fruits of their labors in the schools impressive gardens. A variety of produce were picked and enjoyed by students who learn about where their food comes from, how to cultivate a garden and more from what is a very tactile sensory experience for them. The gardens create an environment of calmness and tranquility that benefit students as they learn. The quality of the produce is excellent as well, a tribute to the school's active and creative Garden Committee.  

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Field Day: Tappan Hill wraps up summer program

    Tappan Hill School closed out its Extended School Year summer program with an opportunity for students and staff to engage in activities like an obstacle course, water play, bracelet making, and art activities! The staff wish everyone a happy and safe summer and look forward to seeing everyone again in September!

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Class trip: Sharks and starfish and seahorses, oh my!

    Students in Caroline Galaţi's class at Tappan Hill School visited the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium to continue their learning last week. When they returned to school, they created incredible ocean artwork and learned facts about ocean life, creating their own ocean animals, including jellyfish, turtles, starfish and a shark!
    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Tappan Hill students make their mark with summer art projects

    On a hot summer day, the Tappan Hill School gymnasium was cool and full of creativity as students participated in a mixed media 'Mark Making' activity led by Extended School Year Teacher Trish Lyons. Students 'made marks' on a piece of paper using black paint and various brushes. Part two of the project will include filling in the spaces of their creations with watercolors. SWBOCES Deputy Superintendent Dr. Brendan Lyons stopped by see the event. Special thanks to Ms. Lyons and her entire class and team for helping make this event so much fun for students and staff! View even more photos on our Facebook page!

    News Feed - Tappan Hill
  • Students learn in a natural setting, just outside their classrooms

    Rye Lake Campus gardens offer students a bounty of benefits

    A gardening initiative at the Rye Lake Lower Campus is providing a bucolic setting for students to learn and to engage with the natural world. Funded by a private grant, the program is yielding an abundance of  produce and high quality instructional and therapeutic benefits for students.

    “There’s something therapeutic about the garden when they go in,” said Special Education Teacher Janeelia Henry, whose class was tapped with leading the effort in collaboration with a Garden Committee.  “One of the things we’re seeing is when the kids get in there, they’re very calm. They’re learning to be gardeners."


    News Feed - Rye Lake Lower Campus
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